Vulnraliblity and Threat analysis

Keep your web property secure.

There are many methodologies that exist today on how to perform a risk and threat assessment. We need to answer the following questions.

  1. What needs to be protected?
  2. Who/What are the threats and vulnerabilities?
  3. What are the implications if they were damaged or lost?
  4. What is the value to the organization?
  5. What can be done to minimize exposure to the loss or damage?

The outcome or objective of a threat and risk assessment is to provide recommendations that maximize the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability while still providing functionality and usability. In order to best determine the answers to these questions a company or organization can perform a threat and risk assessment. This can be accomplished using either internal or external resources. It is important that the risk assessment be a collaborative process, without the involvement of the various organizational levels the assessment can lead to a costly and ineffective security measure


Managed Cloud Build and Design

We will build archetect and Design your public or Privite Cloud

  1. Agility
  2. Cost
  3. Quality
  4. .


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Integrated Vulnerability Management-Threat Intelligence Dashboard

Unlimited vulnerability scanning which automatically correlates results with IDS/IPS to ensure signatures for known vulnerabilities are applied. Single pane of glass view into security posture, prioritized threat data, and remediation instructions.

APT Management

Advanced analysis and machine learning detects advanced persistent threats before they cause material harm.

Managed Security Monitoring

Certified security experts continuously monitor to identify, investigate, and stop threats before they cause material harm.

Network Behavioral Analysis

1200+ algorithms continuously learn normal network behaviors and correlate all sub-system data to identify abnormal behaviors.

Unified Cloud Security

Cloud ready solutions that thwart attacks on public cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2(tm)), private cloud (e.g., VMware(TM)), and hybrid cloud environments.

SIEM+Network Access Policy Monitoring

Integrated real-time monitoring, log-management/archival, and sophisticated analysis and reporting. Define and enforce corporate network security policy with continuous monitoring and advanced behavioral network analysis and correlation.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

24/7 deep-packet network traffic inspection and tunable signatures designed to thwart advanced attacks.

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